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Robyn Hood, The Musical
Gary Daverne
Music Director Emeritus - Auckland Symphony Orchestra

Viscount Productions

Viscount Productions was established by Gary Daverne in the early 1960’s as a publishing house and a parent company for Viscount Records. Viscount Productions publishes and controls all music composed and recorded by Gary Daverne.

Viscount Records was a one-man label with Gary being the sole owner, arranger and producer, working out of Zodiac Studios and in association with Eldred Stebbing.

The very first 45 recording on this new label was by the Embers: Rinky Dink and The Green Leaves of Summer.

In the mid ‘60’s, the Sierras had a big hit in The Crying Game, Cathy Howe had success with Then He Kissed Me, and He Doesn’t Love Me, the Gendelles with Sally Go Round The Roses and Popsicles and Icicles, while the Gremlins big hit record was The Coming Generation.

The Viscount label is still operating today, releasing New Zealand recordings and music and distributed by ODE Records.

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